Catwalk Trend Spring/Summer 2019: It’s a zoo out there

February 8, 2019 by  
Filed under Fashion, Trends

We’ve just come to the conclusion that half of our wardrobe is filled with leopard printed items ever since that trend completely took over. We might have added a touch of tiger and even a Dalmatian printed piece along the way, but there’s no denying the love for leopard. It has become our new neutral so to say. And thus, we’re moving further in the world of prints, looking for the next big thing. As it turns out that trend isn’t even that different from the animal print trend. In fact, it’s an animal print too. A different one though; these prints don’t feature the animal’s print, but the complete animal as a print. Just look at the farm animal at Dolce & Gabbana, the birds at Fendi, the butterflies at Mary Katrantzou, the fish at Michael Kors and the peacocks at Valentino. All very colorful, vivid and exotic. Animal prints revisited.

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