Two Legged Creatures Amsterdam Fashion Week fall/winter 2016

January 15, 2016 by  
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Friday afternoon three large dishes filled with red paint were placed on an all white catwalk at Two Legged Creatures’ show. Every single model appearing on to the runway stepped right into that paint, creating a trail of blood as they walked up onto the photographers, as if they all were two legged red blooded creatures; the mysterious starting point of the label’s fall/winter collection ‘Metropolar’.
Lots to look at.. colourful confetti-like eye make-up, nude coloured tights that were just a little off, warrior braids, shiny caps, not to mention those bloody shoes…
Where does the human stop and the robot begin? According to slow fashion brand TLC it starts at the bottom, the footwear, creating a trail of blood up against the female body. Displaying certain body parts as well as robotic pieces covered by natural shaded, asymmetric creations with a somewhat warrior spirit. Comfy clothes meant to take the wearer’s style game to the next level while protesting against the evolution from human to machine. Just have a glance at our gallery and you’ll get the idea.

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