Political Runway Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

July 16, 2017 by  
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If there ever was a stereotypical model, that type is complete lost by now. The opening show, Das Leben am Haverkamp sure set the mood for the rest of the week, so we’ve seen all types of people sporting the latest designs on the Amsterdam runway this week. At Politcal Catwalk 2017 politicians walked the walk, one eye brow colored, wearing pieces created by around twenty youngsters with the help of designers like Sepehr Maghsoudi and Bas Kosters. Those politicians included Gerolf Bouwmeester, (current Gemeenteraadslid Amsterdam and future major Heusden), Arda Gerkens (Eerste Kamerlid) Suzanne Kröger (Tweede Kamerlid), Sadnra Doevendans (Provinciale Staten), Ilana Rooderkerk (Stadsdeelraad Amsterdam West), Marja Ruigrok (Gemeenteraadslid Amsterdam), Kirsten van den Hul (Tweede Kamerlid), Michel Rog (Tweede Kamerlid), Diederik Boomsma (Gemeenteraadslid Amsterdam) and Femke Roosma (Gemeenteraadslid Amsterdam). All of whom happily put aside their sober office attires to rock something more colorful. Rainbow colored as a matter of fact. The collection even included a wedding dress, worn by Suzanne Kröger (Tweede Kamerlid Groen Links). But the true message of this show wasn’t any of colors or trends it was about diversity and sustainability. And having some guts, of course.

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