Ninamounah Catwalk Show Amsterdam Fashion Week 2019

September 7, 2019 by  
Filed under Amsterdam, Fashion

Who knew giant snails could turn into a fashion accessory at some point? Friday night Ninamounah proved they could as they sent out some of their models holding living snails in their hands. Were they real? Were they alive? They sure had the audience buzzing as the show continued unraveling it’s mysteriousness. It was dark, almost too dark to fully focus on the models outfits. Lightweight organza, silk and heavy leather were in the mix. Sharp suiting, a lot of draping, knee high boots, extraordinary hair, arty eye make-up and crazy nail art were just some of the special ingredients of Ninamounah’s recipe. As the last model that came carried a net of mesh fabric around her head with living butterflies in it. Lots to discuss later on at the bar.

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