Maison the Faux Fashion Week Amsterdam FW2014

January 23, 2014 by  
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Looking for a fashion faux pas? Look no further. Maison the Faux indeed presented everything that was SO wrong, it looked right. After a video full of nude body parts the shows’ backdrop was revealed; lots of flowers and a large chandelier. A woman appeared, climbed on top of the stage setting and started singing.. from Ave Maria to jungle-like sounds, while men and women appeared. Not your ordinary models though, but strangely looking boys and girls, plus two older women. They were dressed bizarrely in pastel shaded, busy printed attires accessorized to the max. Green powder came from the ceiling, outfits had ruffles and beads and crazy hat pieces. The circus was complete as all creators entered the stage and started cleaning up the models’ mess. Nice meeting you Maison the Faux and your surprising, refreshing new side of fashion.

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