Maison the Faux Amsterdam Fashion Week 2016

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When Maison the Faux is up on the fashion agenda, be prepared for an absolute fashion jungle. Today was no exception. Rather, this was their strongest act so far.

A small collection presentation turned into the complete fashion week madness experience. All visitors were lined up, waiting for ages, not knowing what awaited them at the end, in the silver, mirrored tent. Meanwhile, during their waiting game, the Maison Faux crew drove them nuts, recreating the complete chaos that is outside fashion shows every single season. Trumpeting cars, loud music, screaming photographers (a true pandomonium), flashes, certain people getting the VIP treatment, others being pushed over and put aside. Getting everyone hyped up and pissed off, like the ‘defilés’ in Paris (or better, the international fashion week in general) does that to people.

Like you’d expect the mirrored tent, we were rushed out off immediately was a shallow place where vanity ruled. We found Narcissus drowning in his own reflection of his immaculate beauty, dressed in one of the Maison the Faux looks, straight off the runway. A deception, yet one with a clear message.

Fashion wise the collection ‘Anna Anna’ was all about shiny silver-y costumes and matching masks. About statement asymmetric pieces like beige coloured woolen coats and silver denim clothes with a focus on the waist. Yet those looks seemed subsidiary to the hectic fashion scene we got to witness.

Oh the joy.. We wouldn’t want to have to miss it for the world.

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