Yohji Yamamoto Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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Classic is the perfect term to describe Yamamoto’s new collection. The designer seemed to have taken his inspiration from the eighteenth century when men wore puff pants, knee stockings, large bows, hats and buckled shoes.

Yamamoto also designed a few classic floral prints in beautiful warm colors. He used those for a few loose-fitting suits with pants that showed just a little bit of leg.

Like many other big shows we’ve seen this past week, Yamamoto clothes looked way to hot to wear on a sunny day too. There were a lot of suits; printed and striped, black & white. Long shirts – almost dresses – were worn underneath them.

In between the mix ‘n match outfits there suddenly were four outfits in one color. One model was dressed in white from head to toe. Three other models wore only green, orange or blue, which formed a big contrast to their pale faces.

Some nice details in this collection were the playful emblems on several jackets, a ruffled shirt and all kinds of classic hats. On top of that the models wearing fake moustaches, beards and powdered English wigs added an extra special feeling to the show.

Overall Yamamoto showed some great classic style with this collection and we sure enjoyed travelling back in time with him.


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  1. tomas says:

    Classic! Best, tomas from ontfront

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