Nina Ricci Catwalk Fashion Show Paris 2019

March 2, 2019 by  
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Nina Ricci’s Fw2019 was a debut collection for newly appointed designers Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh. The couple (in work and life) with Dutch and Carribean roots were announced as the new creative forces behind the brand back in August. Botter and Herrebrugh have had their own menswear label (Botter) for some time, but now it was up to them to proof their skills in womenswear design. “They gave us a blank page,” said Herrebrugh at a preview. And so the young designers sent out a colourful, delicate and perfectly tailored collection. Tailored but relaxed, as the clothes moved subtly with every step of the way. Large felt hats made a strong statement, as did the oversized suit jackets, the white sheer cocktail dresses (made of bubble wrap), the coats with orange colored quilted sleeves, the dresses worn over wide legged trousers, the blue bomber jacket and the three voluminous parachute-silk finale dresses in primary colors. “The clothes have to be wearable. They can’t just be for fashionistas. My mother should be able to wear them – normal people deserve to feel comfortable and beautiful too”, Botter said. And the young designers surely succeeded on that mission. And though the international fashion press remains slightly skeptical and reserved, the duo is off to a wonderful start at the 87-year old fashion house. Congrats on a terrific debut collection!

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