Rodarte Catwalk Fashion Show NYC SS2019

September 13, 2018 by  
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What a way to make a comeback (after two years of absence) into New York Fashion Week! Sunday night the Rodarte sisters held their collection presentation at the New York City Marble Cemetery, in the pouring rain. But those circumstances didn’t intervene with the collection’s message. On the contrary, they made the event even more fairytale-like. And luckily the designs were colourful and fantasy-full enough to stand out from the gloomy environment

. As one editor put it, it was as if all the long lost party girls from a different era had risen from the death. In their prettiest, over the top, delicate and glamorous looks they paraded over the cemeteries path. Floor sweeping, frothy, layered gowns (with ruffled leather, colourful wafting lace and tulle) were paired with graceful bow tie stiletto’s, floral crowns, capes and veils. Pastel shades, metallic and vibrant fuchsia in the mix. Make-up included bright red lips and colourful eye shadow.

The cemetery might in real life, in this life, be the last place on earth to wear one of those looks, but tonight it formed the most romantic resurrection of the dress-up game that used to be. Now we only have to wait for the right party with a dress code to match.

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