Versace Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2010

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Even though Versace gave two fashion shows, they both were way too crowded. Every possible position in the small show area was taken.

After a guy swept the runway it was showtime!

At the sound of a motorbike the models appeared in Donattela’s tough-looking designs. In the biker-inspired clothes full of zippers they looked feminine and powerful at the same time. Some shiny metallic looking skirts in blue and chartreuse green stood for the chrome work of a motorbike. A few patched leather pants were meant to wear while sitting on top of that bike.

Versace’s overcoats might have been a little masculine, they surely looked good. Their color combinations, leather details and large standing collars worked together just great.

The dresses showed some resemblance to those of the 2010 summer collection. Yet due to the use of a thicker fabric they formed the perfect winter variant.

For evening Donatella used the shiny, colored leather again. First on some short party dresses and later as a detail on a few plisse chiffon evening gowns. Those sexy gowns had high slits, cut-outs and trains.

The colors in this Versace collection were very strong and matched well with the biker theme. When all models posed in the middle of the runway at the end of the show, it even became clear how great those colors looked together.

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