Marni Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2018

February 26, 2018 by  
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Powerful bright and duo colored looks followed up each other on the Marni runway this Sunday morning. They told a lovely story of strong coats and cosy tea dresses. Perfectly accessorized by chunky earrings (did you see those XL feathers?!), wide belts, platform sandals and colourful handbags. But it wasn’t even the looks of the collection that impressed the most. It was the story of even the philosophy behind it, which spoke of sustainability as designer Francesco Risso called this collection “Techno-primitivism”. “The contrast between our irresistible love of innovation and technology. And the other side, the movements of the soul that you cannot bring to a technological meaning”, he explained. And so the show area had the looks of a hoarder’s garage and we sat down on bales of disposed fabrics. Giving the clothes a second look you could see the treads hanging from every piece of fabric. From the blanket wraps to the bright nylon raincoats. It felt as if Risso had used up all his leftover materials. Especially as coats existed of two completely different parts (because there simply wasn’t enough fabric to make a complete coat?) appeared. And having seen the brilliant turnout of this let’s hope more designers will show off their ethical creative side in the future.


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