Gucci Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear SS2015

September 19, 2014 by  
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At Gucci we were presented a mix of many things really. A mix of luxury and casual, sensual and practical, western and eastern influences, but also a combination of vintage inspired and more modern pieces. Overall the collection had a seventies vibe, which perfectly coincides with Kate Moss – Gucci’s front row guest – being the new face of the brand. The topmodel is known for her seventies rock chic way of dressing. She loves a good pair of jeans as much as she adores her many fur creations. We therefore could see her working the biggest part of the collection into her daily wardrobe. The army inspired, double breasted jackets while on the go in London. The XL laced up tops while lounging on a yacht near Saint Tropez. The patchwork, Oriental printed chiffon dresses when attending a fancy fashion event. The 7/8 pants might be a little more tricky, as they would be to any average woman’s figure. Same counts for the stiff, thick leather designs that mostly just look their best on a model’s body. But Frida came up with more than enough wearable options for next summer. The gorgeous color palette of browns and reds definitely set the right mood. The accentuated waists (by brown leather belts) and silk scarfs added to the cohesiveness of the collection. And as strangely as it might sound, we’re looking forward to rocking some of that fur underneath the Ibiza sun.

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