Streetwear Trend: Fendi Mania

October 17, 2018 by  
Filed under Fashion, Streetwear

After Louis and Gucci sales went through the roof due to their logomania focus it woke up all other brands. Any label with a cool logo or print decided to join in on the logo fun. Amongst them was Fendi who decided to revive their FF logo, the logo created by Lagerfeld when he joined the brand in 1965 after the Fendi sisters asked him to design a small fur collection. FF stands for ‘fun fur’ and is now printed all over the latest Fendi designs. The bags, the belts, the boots. And if the ‘Zucca’ print isn’t really your thing a branded white Tee or sweater might also do the trick. As long as everyone knows you’re team Fendi (or Fendi x Fila with the same FF print for that matter) while looking this cool.

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