Schueller de Waal haute couture show Paris AW2020

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When it comes to environmental friendly fashion or sustainability Dutch designers always succeed in coming up with highly innovative and refreshing ideas. Such as this one, presented by Dutch duo Schueller de Waal this Tuesday. For their haute couture Paris adventure they teamed up with Pik Pik Environnement to present the very first Collaborative Cleaning Initiative named ‘Litter’, supported by the city of Paris. On a public square, right in front of the town-hall of the 15th arrondissement, a group of 50 models, cool kids and volunteers started to clean the streets in an upbeat cleansing fashion performance. The models picked up trash from the streets, dressed head-to-toe in freshly made garments made from the studio’s leftover fabrics, deadstock and other remains from the fashion industry. The act of cleaning served as an inspiration for both the presentation as well as a design principle. With the performance, the initiators aim to make a powerful statement on the current state of the industry and inspire for change. ‘Litter’ is the next step for SDW in unfolding their story of ‘Fashion Therapy’.

Cleaning (in) Haute Couture
‘Litter’ elevates ‘the act of cleaning’ by combining different elements into a collective cleaning session. Rather than changing a location to meet the needs of a fashion show, SDW studio created an intervention that has a positive effect on the location. Collaborating with local NGO’s (PikPik Environnement, Green Bird Paris) educating about garbage separation and conscious living as part of city maintenance, and fashion professionals (stylists, fashion journalists etc.) supporting the mission, SDW Studio dressed a diverse group of people in an eclectic range of cleaning uniforms.

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