Rick Owens Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear SS2019

September 29, 2018 by  
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Rick Owens today felt as experimental as some graduation shows feel like (or it’s the graduation collections that are inspired by Rick Owens). His pale faced models sported the most structured designs which, according to the show notes, were inspired by the Tower of Babel and Tatlin’s Tower, a design by the early-20th-century Russian architect Vladimir Tatlin for a monument that was never built. They dragged around the long pieces of fabric from their heavy, folded, cut-out clothes. They wore metal headpieces and arm cuffs. Some models carried a torch around which led to a large fire heating up Palais de Tokyo and mostly everyone at the front row. Large collars, large cuffs, long sleeves (tied around the models bodies) large pockets (did we spot anything fanny pack looking?) chunky footwear and XL sunglasses. It felt industrial, dark, gloomy and in some way experimental. Even though Rick Owens knowns damn well what he’s putting out there. Scratch that, he knows best.

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