Ralph Lauren Catwalk Fashion Show NYC SS2019

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“The show was a bonus. The real reason we are all here is not for the show, it’s because of you. We are here to celebrate you, Ralph Lauren, and 50 years of you designing our dreams.” Those were the words none other than Oprah spoke after the major catwalk show Ralph Lauren this Friday. “Fifty years of you stimulating our ambitions, 50 years of you creating a sense of value, that brought goodness and wholesomeness to glamour. Your story exalts our collective story. That fact that you were a boy from the Bronx, who was able to have an idea about big ties and smart enough not to let Bloomingdale’s take it, and take that ideas of big ties and create a gigantic company.”

Oprah was one of the many famous guests of the night. A-listers like Hillary, Kanye and Robert de Niro all came out to Bethesda Terrace, Central Park, show their support/respect for the all American brand that has now been around for half a century. It was romantic, memorable, festive and iconic all at the same time. Even by just looking at the show images you must feel some kind of thrill.

And what a runway show it was. First up was a collection of 62 RRL mens- and womenswear eclectic and retro inspired looks in Lauren’s familiar themes like the American Southwest, British aristocracy. Followd by another collection of 55 Polo Sport looks. “This is about the world. It’s about change. It’s about all kinds of people, all kinds of countries. This is an inspiration of what I feel is happening with young people that are individual and love individuality”, the designer said. And he was right. Vintage inspired? Yes, but the pieces felt contemporary. And without the show’s retro styling the statement pieces done in the most luxurious fabrics would look so topical on their own.

Especially the second part of the show (which was more colourful, sporty, street, young, branded and on trend) contained numerous of pieces that will sell like hot cakes. Like the multi-colored hoodies, the branded beanies, the camouflage pants and the baseball jackets. Iconic too were the high school inspired pieces, the Navajo coats and classics like camel coats and tartan jackets.

“I do what I do”, Ralph Lauren stated and that’s what it was. The designer yet again delivered two strong, signature collections that feel contemporary even though built around classics and Lauren’s initial thoughts on what fashion should be. Congrats to fifty years of strong, consistent, determinative, all American fashion. Cheers to you Ralph Lauren and to the next fifty years!

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