MaryMe-JimmyPaul Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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Marie Burlot and Jimmy Paul seemed to make fun of the fashion world big time today. Their collection JonBenet Ramsey (a beauty queen by which the designers were inspired) told the story of going to school for the first time, but felt more like an ode to Barbie.

All looks of the small collection were pink, purple and blue from head to toe. The shoes, the accessories, the make-up and the clothes all breathed Barbie.

The clothes had lots of volume and had fur and sequins all over them. The soundtrack of the show was the song ‘Gimme more’ from Britney Spears sang by someone else very false.

At the end of the show all curly haired models waved at the audience. The designers came on stage dressed up with masks and caps. It seemed like they didn’t take themselves too seriously. Yet they must have had a lot of fun making this collection and sure made the audience smile.


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