M-ODE Amsterdam: Thursday Recap

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After M-ODE kicked off on Wednesday we had a busy fashion filled day ahead on Thursday. At one o’clock in the afternoon it was Merel van Glabbeek (an her namesake womenswear label founded in 2015) who held the first fashion show as part of the many M-ODE fashion events this week. She presented her collection “Plan-B”. What happens when our world becomes inhabitable? Then there’s a plan B. Humanity will colonize mars. And so plan B was a collection full of experiment, opportunities and dreams. With reused materials (that make Merel such a good match for M-ODE), digital prints, striped and a padded fabric. Merel combined heavy and light materials in a colour palette of blacks, (midnight) blues and orange. See the gallery below.

After Merel van Glabbeek we paid a visit to Bas Kosters “Waste to Want” pop up atelier a few doors further. Here Bas and his team are holding their office for a few days to finish his new collection. For this collection Bas is re-using second hand clothes (collected after Kingsday’s flea markets) and turning them into his signature designs. Designs he’ll be showing on Saturday night during his big catwalk show at the Zuiveringshal. Expect a lot of color, costumes and craziness! Bas as we know him, but even more sustainable this time around.

Ajbilou Rosdorff surprised us later that afternoon when she had a group of Vogue dancers presenting her latest collection. Their moves, their looks and the loud music made everyone in the audience go wild. And although we might have been a little distracted by the crazy dancing the clothes sure looked bad-ass too.

A intimate presentation by HACKED by_ (founded as an answer to the constant overproduction in fashion) was our final stop for the day. Even before their international launch in Paris (the next day) designers Alexander van Slobbe en Francisco van Benthum presented their vision, way of working and their latest collaborations with ASN Bank and H&M at M-ODE. They showed their latest designs and spoke of their way of upcycling; showing their ideas on how the lavish fashion system can be changed from the inside.

An inspiring day it was. In terms of fashion as well as sustainability. Such great, green ideas, so much creativity. It’s hard to even imagine fashion (shows, week) without the sustainability mindset. This should (could?) be the standard. We’re excited to see what M-ODE and their designers/initiatives have in stores for us the next few days. Stay tuned!

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