Let’s go camping with Leila el Alaoui (HKU graduation show)

August 8, 2019 by  
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Here’s a few images from one of our favorite KHU graduation shows. Real people going real places, by Leila el Alaoui. “We’re all tourists in some way. The tourist has become part of our environment. The moment we go on holiday we become a tourist ourselfves. And the moment we return home, this dissapears. How come we have the urge to get out and explore? The urge to escape from reality, escape from it all? The essence of tourism is trying to reconcile fantasy with reality.”


One Response to “Let’s go camping with Leila el Alaoui (HKU graduation show)”

  1. Barakatalan says:

    Tourism is one of the grown industry and HKU graduation show is one who promotes it.

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