Kimberley Jenneskens & Liesbeth Sterkenburg Catwalk Fashion Show AFW Studio 2019

March 9, 2019 by  
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Two young, urban streetwear labels made up for a cool Saturday afternoon program. First up was Jenneskens (who debuted during last years Amsterdam Fashion Week) and her tough n sporty collection of mens and womenswear looks. In the opening video we saw rapper Famke Louise wearing the label’s clothes. Models sported large colored glasses, fanny packs and a mix of sporty sneakers and open heels. Their wardrobe existed of a slouchy silk suit, metallic pants and cropped tops, casual sweaters with the label’s logo on it, sheer (water proof) pants, biker shorts, jackets with xl pockets, patent leather pants and jumpsuits. Famke Louise closed the show in a silver metallic belted coat.

After than it was onto Sterkenburg and her own little rapper scene. Models looked cool and collected. They sported black and neon looks. Busy prints all over, three stripes on the sleeves. Oversized coats, trainer and denim jackets, hats, beanies, caps, sunglasses and fanny packs here too. After all looks were shown one of the models turned out to be a rapper. So a little performance was started out on the runway. A perfect fit to the show.

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