Gucci Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2019

February 21, 2019 by  
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Over 120,000 LED light bulbs filled the mirrored Gucci show area which endlessly reflected and refracted the lights. A kaleidoscopic backdrop to Alessandro Michele’s latest Gucci collection. Another bizarre parade of costume-y clothes and this time with an extra focus on face masks. . “If appearance represents the physiological conditions of our thinking of ourselves as persons in relation, masks can offer themselves as the means through which we can give citizenship rights to our manifold becoming,” read the show notes. And so models wore face masks with studs and spikes. Some of them also wore pieces of gold on their eyes and ears. As always lot of attention was put into the details. The belts, the scarfs, the bags, the knee pads, the necklaces, the tights, the ties (also for the girls), the (dog) collars with huge spikes. Models carried around their back-up sneakers in case their high heels got the best of them. The men wore oversized suits, the women wore lots of lace and dresses and tops with puffy shoulders and peplum details. Checks came in all forms; harlequin, pied de poule and tartan. Flowers prints, leopard prints and snake prints all found their way onto the runway. Towards the end Unia Pakhomova even rocked a print mix look and cloak fit for a queen. And if you’d skip all the grungy spikes and moody masks there were actually quite a lot of beautiful, wearable pieces in the collection. But you’d have to look through Michele’s more is more signature and perhaps take a closer look at the Gucci showroom tomorrow to be able to see these designs for what they really are. As far as this show’s concerned, this was yet another memorable Gucci spectacle.

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