Atelier. + Stavreva Kreator Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

July 14, 2017 by  
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Cowboy boots, experimental dresses and coats determined the dress code at Atelier. They looked hand painted and hand woven. Inspired by the work of painters and textile design designer Lotte van Dijk added bright paint strokes, blue pearls and extra plastic layers to the mix. Kimono sleeves, an overall, some assymmetrie, a scarf here, a pair of gloves there and we still couldn’t exactly capture the essence of the collection. But it looked original, artisanal and interesting enough to trigger everyone’s curiosity.

Stavrevra Kreator’s story took us all the way back to 1996, tearing it apart and recreating it all over again. The year in which strong shoulders, pinstriped suits and extra special grooming for men were in fashion. We can hardly remember this was the nineties style, but Stavrevra helped refreshing our memory. She had a whole pack of models, the cool gang, who could have walked straight out of that era. They looked cool and careless in their oversized suits, smudged make-up and out of style sunglasses. As they marched the runway as a group one or two looks were highlighted after each other with every single strutt. A fun choreography to watch and an interesting styling game going on for sure. Bang bang!

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