Alexa Chung Catwalk Fashion Show London Womenswear SS2019

September 19, 2018 by  
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A shop in shop at Liberty London and her own spot on the London Fashion Week schedule. Alexa Chung is quickly conquering grounds with her eponymous label. The collection she showed this week was inspired by her own personal sense of style. Not the most interesting type of inspiration, especially coming from a fashion it-girl. But then again Chung has proven to easily mold herself into different roles. Whether it being a TV-host, a writer, a model or, as in this case, a designer. And though she’s not even sure she owns that spot on the official fashion week schedule sales numbers proof the it- girl has something to offer. For SS2019 that is a seventies (the palette of mustard, brown and burgundy had a seventies vibe too) inspired line up of effortless looks. From a striped overall and a comfy tracksuit to midi floral dresses, a white tux with shiny buttons, a patent baby blue raincoats and a bandeau top made out of a silk scarf. Anything you might need throughout the summer season, business or pleasure. Airport was the theme of this collection and how we’d love to pack all of these looks up for a SS2019 get away.

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