Ajbilou | Rosdorff Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam Fashion Week

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A zero waste collection is what Yasmina Ajbilou (24) and Lynn Kate Rosdorff (27) presented us with on Friday afternoon. The two young designers both had the same ambition: to do more than just design clothes and focus on sustainability. So they decided to team up and come up with a zero waste collection. “We wanted to show the beauty of things that are old and discharged, so our complete collection is made of second hand fabrics and waste materials. Literally everything we used can be found inside a garbage bin”, Rosdorff stated. Where Rosdorff focuses on the textile design Ajbilou is an expert in clothing design. For the past six weeks the duo has been working day and night to complete a collection of ten pieces. Ten pieces intended to blow everyone in the audience away and give them the same experience as if they’d just been on a worldwide journey. Inspired by Japan in 1185, a time when men and women lived in perfect harmony, the designers created menswear and womenswear looks in a palette of pastel hues. A hand painted bomberjack/kimono, a shiny wrap top, sheer dresses, oversized trousers ad a head scarf cinched the waist, to name a few of the items. Heavy eye brows, sporty shoes and shiny belts topped it all off. The designer names printed on the models’ backs. Names to remember..

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