Tony Cohen Amsterdam Fashion Week Fall 2016

January 18, 2016 by  
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On Sunday night four days filled with fashion came to an end with the final show, that of Tony Cohen. The designer has been on the official programme for seasons now. So how could we wrap up fashion week without having seen his latest collection? Inspired by primary shapes (the circle, the square and the check) Tony got more in touch with his roots than ever before. With every season that passes his motto is changing more and more to ‘less is more’. Therewith putting more focus on the silhouette, materials and the finishing. Less fuss, less distraction and still every outfit had an obvious Tony Cohen signature. The moody menswear and womenswear looks were cut tight to the body, dark shaded (in black, grey, brown and a touch of red). Looks both tough as well as graceful (with statement jewelry pieces and chunky leather boots). A little more classic than before, with a focus on the waistline and a type of A-line silhouette. Long lean silhouettes in the mix with a few playful short dresses, leather and lace, fur and sheerness added some nice contrast. A hint of genderbleding too. This was Tony Cohen in it’s purest form so far. A great way to conclude MBAFW 2016!

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