Hotel Brave Monday and Blond & Bieber Amsterdam Fashion Week 2016

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Hotel Brave Monday
(Blue) Monday was a day filled with exhibitions and experiences set up to make the visitors really think about certain modern day movements and developments in fashion.

Both Hotel Brave Monday and Blond & Bieber had us elaborating on topics like 3D clothing production (Karin Vlug & Laura Duncker), freedom of creativity, a younger generation lost in translation and an overly developed modern culture (Cry Havoc, Dogs of War), nobodies becoming influencer heroes on social media leading us into the dark – or is it into the light? – (Instashame, Anneloes van Osselaer), technology creating adaptable fashion (Jasna Rok), the way we over consume (Re-Connect), the fixed norm of our identity and garments (Camiel Fortgens), blue and you (Sophie Hardeman) and our diverse interpretations of fashion (Martijn Nekoui, Moam).

Each theme was set up in one of the rooms of Hotel Brave Monday. Some rather spooky involving dramatic designs (Instashame), others portraying the future of fashion through technology and clothes (Jasna Rok, fashion of brainwaves). Camiel Fortgens created his own little sleep-over setting, Martijn Nekoui had his guests lining up for his mystery room.

Blond & Bieber
Then there was the Blond & Bieber exhibition (which had nothing to do with a certain pop singer) portraying the way in which textiles change. A type of ice-blue paint turning green when being exposed to sunlight (a UV light in this case). Algaemy colors or ‘living colors’ as they are called, changing over time. The Algaemy color palette is not lightfast, which makes fashion changeable in yet another way (different from Jasna Rok’s technology interpretation).

Various opinions and creative interepretations of today’s world of fashion. Now let us elaborate..

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