Trends ss2010: his is hers

October 27, 2009 by  
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The boyfriend jackets have been around for a while and looking at the SS2010 collections they’ll be staying a bit longer. Unisex clothes like loose-fitting jackets, blouses, gilets and pants were spotted in many fashion shows. Brands like Chloé, Etro and Ralph Lauren seemed to have unisex as a total theme in their show. Not to mention Lacoste, which always has a lot of his&hers items in its show. Chloé’s unisex designs looked rather stiff and sober and didn’t look like  women’s clothes at all. Although the items were all very wide and masculine, some of them had little feminine details. A few ruffles, sequins, belts, round collars, small legs and tucked up sleeves made the outfits very wearable.. At D&G the girls wore a small scarf to soften their looks. Cavalli combined some floaty floral blouses with wide pants and long jackets. Veronica Etro used light shades to make her designs appropriate for women. The designers showed that with the right approach even a man’s suit can look super-sexy. (Tess van Daelen)

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