What a week it was!

August 1, 2008 by  
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The latest edition of AIFW just closed and what a week it was! Did you get yourself photographed on the street by Sophie because you looked soooo abfab? Just watch What are you wearing? And did you see all the catwalkshows? We did, to put it clearly: we photographed them all, and we loved what we saw. Thank you Prelude, Lichting 2008, Hans Ubbink, Catta Donkersloot, Oilily, PRC, Haruco Vert, Jeroen van Tuyl, Jan Taminiau, Joline Jolink, Iris van Herpen, MLY Hermans, Blue Blood, Claes Iversen, Individuals by Amfi, Monique Collignon, C’est Brillant, EAH!, Non by Kim, Django Steenbakker, Antoine Peters and EnD. Keep up the good work!
We also want to thank James Veenhoff, Joost van Bellen, Esther Coppoolse, Lydia Leloux, Tony Jones, Bregje Lampe, Bastiaan van Schaik, Daryl van Wouw, Nathalie and Ruud van der Peijl for their kind cooperation to our video-interviews. They really had to say something, and not only about fashion.
And of course we thank the G-Star team for their hospitality!

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