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It might not be the most flattering of all fabrics, yet that hasn’t stopped satin from becoming one of the biggest fall/winter trends. The soft & shiny fabric appeared at plenty of catwalk shows, from Anderson to Westwood. From tough and tomboyish at Louis Vuitton to girly and costum-y at Gucci. If PJ’s and party dresses are your thing, best make sure you opt for some satin ones. And when it comes to the styling part two rules apply. 1. Don’t wear your satin too tight. 2. Some shapewear will help. Now the hardest thing is to get through the day without your outfit getting completely wrinkled or worse, torn. Satin is delicate and should be treated that way. No wonder it has always been more of a bedroom fabric. No rough partying then eh? Oh well, you can always decide to sleep in that pastel shaded Lanvin dress.

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