Sunanda Chandry Koning LES SOEURS ROUGES Fashion LAB Amsterdam SS2017

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At Sunanda Chandry Koning the models had gone completely undercover. Their faces covered with large scarves, hats and glasses. A spooky effect combined with long cloaks draped over their shoulders. Some with a shimmer, one with a leopard print, another one with plastic pins and beads attached to it and there was one with floral appliques at the bottom. A fascinating collection for sure, but we’re not sure what to make of it yet.

They started out invidivually, one as a fashion designer, the other as an accessories designer. Their styles couldn’t be more different, so the thought of joining forces never really crossed their mind. Yet here we are, it’s Amsterdam Fashion Week and Dorrith en Marlous de Roode are presenting their joint collection under their name Les Souers Rouges. Inspired by history they’re collection is romantic yet tough. “We escape everyday life”, states Dorrith. “The world can be harsh in many things. We want to sent out creativity.” That creativity came through in impressive silhouettes, created by big skirts and voluminous jackets inspired by the former Zoo (1863) of The Hague. The sisters brought mesh and ruffles together (a contrast couldn’t be bigger) in a palette of black, white and light pinks. Impressive hairdos and accessories like monkey bags, butterfly belts and long silk scarves with animal prints completed the looks giving the show an exotic, Art Nouveau, fairytale touch.


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