Bound Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam Fashion Week

January 28, 2017 by  
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Bound Amsterdam founders Maras Rejaän and Sheila Lopes Afonso were inspired by a Japanese film for their ‘Class of 2017’ collection, their third collection since they founded their brand in 2014. They turned influences from the styling and the characters into clean, minimalistic pieces.

As the show started two girls dressed in menswear looks appeared from behind a giant wall of speakers. They casually walked the runway with a cool attitude making way for the eighteen menswear (yet unisex) looks that followed. Nothing too trendy or hype sensitive, as you’d expect from a anti fast fashion brand. Just solid, quite timeless pieces made with qualitative materials.

A heavy army green overall looked both cool and comfy. Same goes for a beige colored knitted coat. The pinstripe suit and the woolen pants paired with turtle neck and suspenders belong in the classic menswear corner. Outfits that have proved to stand the test of time and will impress streetstyle photogs as well as relatives. And that might just all we’re looking for in a menswear fashion brand these days.

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