DFF Prelude: Conny Groenewegen Catwalk Fashion Show SS10

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By Ivo Wiermans

It’s time for change! And we don’t refer to the legendary words spoken by Obama, but to the atmosphere at Prelude. You know, the seasonal event on the eve of Amsterdam Fashion Week, where young Dutch fashion talents show their newest collections. The young designers at Prelude brought an unanimous message. Long-lasting designs with a focus on shape and excelling with simplicity showed a new generation of designers that prefers high quality to short-term fashions.

In the wedding chamber we experienced the presentation of Conny Groenewegen’s spring collection. It was a true experience,  instead of models ballet dancers showed some disproportional outfits in old blue and green. They looked like wide pyjamas and oversized shirts people wear at home. The dancer’s moves showed how clothes can be comfortable and graceful at the same time.
On the catwalk in the courtyard the show continued. There were more asymmetrical pieces, made of ingeniously woven, knitted and perforated materials. Conny too puts focus on shape and volume. Draped satins held together by buttons, ribbons or zippers looked both happy and elegant. A closer look to the used materials, shows the outstanding craftsmanship of this promising designer.

Amsterdam Prelude Catwalk Fashion Shows FW09

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Shows from: Catta Donkersloot, Conny Groenewegen, Marcha Huskes, Mattijs, Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastic.

Dutch Fashion Foundation: Prelude AW09

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The fourth edition of Prelude was actually the unofficial kick start of Amsterdam International Fashion Week. This fashion-salon – initiated by the Dutch Fashion Foundation and Mercedes Benz – presents fresh, new Dutch fashiontalents. And we really experienced some fresh fashion! Like the debut of Sebastic, with his sensitive menswearcollection focused on shirts and pullovers in powdery colours. Sjaak Hullekes is also a promising mensweardesigner, with his tough collection were casual meets formal. Other contributors were Mada van Gaans (great dresses with beautiful ornaments), Conny Groenwegen (satin dresses & subtile knitwear) and Corné Gabriels. Now that’s a guy to watch! His weather-inspired menswearcollection was witty and stylish, especially those beautiful pullovers with digital prints of clouds, thunder and rain. He made us very happy!

Prelude Hullekes

Prelude Conny Groenewegen
Conny Groenewegen

Prelude Corne Gabriels
Corne Gabriels

Prelude Mada van Gaans
Mada van Gaans

Prelude Sebastic