JORIK Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam 2019

March 1, 2019 by  
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On Thursday night the Dutch fashion scene gathered at a warehouse in Amsterdam-Noord. The occasion? Rapper Lil Kleine (24) presented his very own fashion line JORIK and his very first collection. Not to his own music, but to the tunes of some of Lil Kleine’s all time favorite tracks (we heard Biggie Smalls, we heard Frank Sinatra) his models (both men and women) came out. They sported a cool mix of dressed up pieces and streetwear items. Luxurious, yet comfortable. A crispy white shirt, a tough leather jacket, a branded hoodie, a black suit, a denim jacket. The most desirable item probably was the utility vest Jorik also wore himself. In line with the current utility trend, plus it lets the owner show what he’s got with him. In the case of Lil Kleine this was a stack of 500 Euro notes. So now we all want that vest (ánd that money!). As of today JORIK will be available at a pop-up store at the Art’Otel.

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