Catwalk Trend Fall Winter 2018: Corduroy Craze

November 28, 2018 by  
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We wrote about it last year, when all of a sudden corduroy was a big theme in many catwalk shows. Now, one year later there’s no denying this trend. All high street stores are packed with corduroy pieces. From dusty pink dresses to camel colored jackets and army shaded oversized shirt dresses. Perhaps you’re inspired by old images of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg wearing matching corduroy or Diane Keaton and Woody Allen getting their cord game on. You might have seen Dustin Hoffman looking smashing in his cord blazer (another classic). Maybe it’s last years runway images that got you cord love going. Or you were just blown away by Kendall rocking those high waisted corduroy pants and Alexa Chung sporting that seventies style cord skirt. Either way it’s about time you joined in on the fun of this fabric. The fashion students at AMFI show you how it´s done. Be a good sport wear something cord!

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