Trend Report SS2018: Lavish in lavender

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Is it a brunette thing? We’re not a hundred percent sure. Yet given by the looks of our catwalk images lavender might just be a brunette only trend. At least the pastel shade looks ravishing on each and everyone of those models, from Bottega Veneta to Erdem. Not one to wear tons of color? You might want to skip this trend. Cause when it comes to this shade there’s no holding back. You need to lavish in lavender; we’re talking head to toe looks. Skirts & sweaters (Michael Kors), sheer maxi dresses (Missoni) and full on colored suits (Victoria Beckham). Works perfectly against a sunny holiday backdrop and it might just make a rainy summer day a whole lot less gloomy.

Stella McCartney Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2018

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Apart from the few menswear looks (from her menswear line that is just one year old) the Stella McCartney womenswear was a perfect interplay of masculinity and femineity. She introduced a fair amount of long lace, pastel colored dresses and alternated them with winter suits and checked woolen coats. Large prints of British artist J.H. linch paintings were the statement makers on several dreamy, transparent dresses. Bags were big and shoes less chunky than the Stella’s we’ve spotted out on the streets these weeks. Still there was lots to love. And with the sustainability factor becoming more and more important Stella McCartney is staying one of the key players in the international fashion game (the designer is said to be wanting to buy back parent company Kering’s 50 percent). The finale’s white lace maxi dress looked pretty enough to get married in. And we can’t help but already imagining those pretty fairytale dresses on Hollywood parties and award shows to come.


Fall/Winter Streetstyle Trend 2017/2018: Red to Toe

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We’ve discussed this trend before (here to be precise). But besides the full on red to toe catwalk looks from the likes of Dolce, Gucci and Chloé red has been THE color on the streets as well. And boy did it make for some awesome streetwear inspiration pics. Just glance through our gallery and see how the streetwear stars rocked their red hot puffer coats, maxi dresses, suits, sweaters and designer bags. Have you already indulged in some fancy red colored winter wear? It’s about time to paint this town red!

Stella McCartney Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear SS2018 Paris

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Now more than ever Stella McCartney’s eco conscious believes matter and are speaking to a wider audience every single day. So she decided to step up her eco game even further. By using yarn made from plastic bottles retrieved in the ocean. And by encouraging her fashion following to resell their McCartney designer items in partnership with the fashion resale site The RealReal as a strategy to reduce the 75% of clothing that end up in landfill worldwide. Eco thoughts aside, we witnessed a funky, diverse, outspoken collection of day to night looks. Maxi dresses and colored denim on denim in the mix. We spotted quite some ‘hate it or love it’-looks in the mix. As a white skirt and a plain white Tee suddenly felt like the perfect summer attire. Jumpsuits, ruffled blouses, strong shoulder tops paired with comfy footwear, cross body bags and super sporty sunglasses led to a remarkable collection we still haven’t completely digested.

Valentino Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear SS2018 Paris

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Delicacy done in a sporty way, that’s what Pierpaolo Piccioli presented us with. Inspired by de Apollo moon landing as well as some of Mr. Valentino’s best eighties glamour designs Piccioli delivered a fascinating spring/summer collection. Yes it was still very Valentino, but the designer managed to take the signature a bit further. Not just a never ending line up of maxi dresses but pants (even a jeans), utility jackets, jumpsuits, shorts, singlets and heavily decorated/embellished short party dresses (short versions of the dresses Mr. Valentino created in the 80’s) too. Each and every single one extremely delicate and outstanding in it’s design and eye for detail done in a palette of light colors with the right touch of Valentno red, of course. A more approachable line-up that might trigger a younger target group, yet as delightful and romantically Valentino as always.

Dolce & Gabbana Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear SS2018 Milan

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Domenico and Stefano are quite busy this week. Last night the designer duo organized a (not so) secret show featuring all their favorite millennials (absent today and replaced again by ‘real’ models). Today the fashion crowd gathered around to view their SS2018 collection named “Queen of Hearts”. A show with no less than 104 looks (Gucci’s “never ending” show included just 4 more). Let’s say Dolce & Gabbana had quite some love to give.
Their queen of hearts made sure not to forget any of our favorite Dolce show ingredients. Classic black lace dresses, embellished corsets, airy, floral printed maxi dresses, striped suits and checked tea dresses in the mix. As well as some surprise items like a couple of bodysuits, a few rainbow dresses and some sequined disco numbers. Prints were mostly food related. We spotted baby chicks and gold fish (hopefully not necessarily intended as food related) cookies as well as carrots, cabbage, beans and lemons for al vegans in the venue. Headpieces, sunglasses, XL earrings and handbags didn’t fail to deliver and made up for yet another extravagantly styled runway show. Wow.

Fall/Winter Catwalk Trend 2017/2018: Victorian Collars

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So we already spoke of maxi dresses and XL sleeves. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the other essential part of the ‘prairy chic look’; the Victorian collar. This trend was already initiated in summer 2016, but is now taking over fall/winter 2017/2018. And we couldn’t think of a more winter proof statement maker. Spot this trend at Erdem, Christophe Lemaire, John Galliano and, of course, Valentino, the house that has been promoting the chicest long, cover up dresses for seasons now. A warm color palette, floral prints, ruffled touches as well as lace details (to add a little sensuality/femininity) work beautifully with this style. When it comes to beauty warm autumn shades of make-up and a sophisticated updo (so that collar extravaganza gets all the attention it deserves) are the ultimate extras to add to this look. Little house on the praire gone fashion.

Fabienne Chapot Catwalk Fashion Show SS2018

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Move over avocado, it’s time for the papaya to shine and take over as it-veggie! That is, if you leave it up to Fabienne Chapot and her design team. For SS2018 they decided it was all about papaya’s. An exotic story starting as soon as the guests received their papaya-themed invite. On Wednesday night the story unfolded at a show venue completely turned into a sixties style garden party. An entrance covered in papaya print and rainbow colored stairs sure got everyone in the mood for some cocktails, watermelon and jelly pudding. And as all guests took their seats a little later it really actually felt as if we were witnessing a Beverly Hills hotel scene from 1957 and we could almost feel the Hollywood heat (so those papaya printed fans on our seats came in handy).

Fashion wise the collection was everything you’d want a summer collection to be. Colorful, effortless and super feminine. Loose blouses, maxi dresses, wide pants and cropped jackets in the mix. Soft and silk fabrics were embroidered with papaya shaped beads, palm leaves, citrus shapes, lobsters and exotic flowers. Signature items which were even featured on the matching jacquard loafers. Silhouettes were flowy and sexy yet sophisticated, a uncovered shoulder here, a bare back there. Colorful high heels, statement bags (in the shape of tropical fish or shelves), bold sunnies and crazy hairdos topped it all off.

And as we headed back home we thought about that SS2018 Fabienne Chapot girl that got in her car, headed West and gazed outside. It might have been rainy in Amsterdam, but we imagined ourselves out on the warm open road at sundown, driving 60 miles per hour with all four windows down, feeling the wind in our hair and the Hollywood heat on our skin.

Fall Winter Trend 2016 / 2017: Biker Style

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Biker chic just arrived at another level. Designers like McQueen, Valentino and Gucci have been experimenting with this wardrobe essential. Altering it’s proportions from girly to oversized and puffy. Patches and studs add even more originality and then think about the thousand ways to wear it! Paired with a black skinny like all the models (at work) or over some culottes like they do in Paris. Wear it over your favorite winter jumper or combine it with a maxi dress. And even on a night out in town the tough yet sexy black leather biker jacket is your best company. Biker style winter 2016.

Valentino Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear Paris SS2017

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After succeeding sir Valentino Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli did a wonderful design job at the luxurious Italian fashion house for years. So when news reached us that Chiuri would leave Valentino for Dior we were all a little worried. Would the Valentino fairytale the designduo had been writing for so many seasons all of a sudden be over?
Turns out it didn’t. Pierpaolo Piccioli made sure his first solo collection for the brand was beautiful and commercially smart. In a new show area, Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, his solo story inspired by medieval art unraveled. Away from the countless maxi dresses of previous collections Piccoli presented a fair amount of daywear. Red brocade velvet pants paired with a crispy white shirt and the tiniest cross body bag you’d ever seen. A patent leather (Valentino)red coat worn over an airy burgundy jumpsuit. A pink layered sweater tossed over another white shirt and loose brocade pink trousers. And let’s not forget to mention that highly admirable trenchcoat inspired cape combined with a pair of royal pants embroidered with patterns of birds and fantasy vegetation. It seems like Piccioli is giving us more dresscode options for SS2017. Which means more reasons to incorporate Valentino into our daily leaves. A smart strategic move for the brand and who could not love that idea?

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