Ann Demeulemeester Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2011

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It was a romantic and gently deconstructed collection of Ann Demeulemeester with hints of antique uniforms. The designer gave the fronts of topcoats, jackets and waistcoats a used and beaten look, and most of the jackets  peeled open in flaps at the waist. She also bleached fabrics to make ghostly patterns, sometimes sprinkled across a  suit like a constellation. Pops of blue, red, yellow or orange broke the darkness, Demeulemeester used the colors for tops or they peeped out from under sheer black layers. The high, black ridingboots and leather gloves gave the models the look of a 17th century landlord, elegant, tough and a bit nostalgic

The standing ovation from Patti Smith was well deserved.

Ann Demeulemeester Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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Black and white. Those were the shades Ann Demeulemeester used for her latest menswear collection. Thin models with remarkable bone structure and slick combed back hair showed her new creations. The designs were somewhat futuristic and covered up the biggest part of the models bodies.

The first half of the collection everything was white. The small pants, the suits with standing collars, the jackets and the wellies. With the last white outfit the showed seemd to be over. Yet a second show started when the first black outfit appeared. The second half of the collection thus was black and in stead of the white cotton Demeulemeester used a lot of black leather. 

The suits’ collars were often the eye-catchers of the designs. They were asymmetrical of were decorated with extra buttons, belts and even ruffles.

Actually the collection was a lot of what you would expect from Ann Demeulemeester. The clothes weren’t trendy, they were well structured and many looks were totally black.

Fashion Focus: all about Ann Demeulemeester

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Name of the brand: Ann Demeulemeester

Name(s ) of the designer(s):  Ann Demeulemeester

About the designer(s): Ann Demeulemeester (1959) was born in Belgium. She studied at the Royal academy of fine arts in Antwerp and graduated in 1981. She is now a world-renowned fashion designer. She is married to fashion photographer Patrick Robyn.

Start of the brand: 1984

First collection: 1985
Breakthrough: 1986; Ann Demeulemeester then shows her collection in London. She quickly become famous outside of Belgium. Ann is seen as one of the ‘Antwerpse zes’, a group of influential fashion designers who graduated at the Royal Academy of Antwerp in the eighties (including Dries van Noten en Walter van Beirendonck).

The Ann Demeulemeester woman: is not a specific type of woman. Ann said: ‘People can mix and match and adjust the clothes to fit into their lives. I don’t know exactly who will end up wearing my clothes. It’s like creating a present for an anonymous person.’ Ann does say the women she designs for have a strong personality.

Ann Demeulemeester women: Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Nicole Richie

The clothes are: never ‘trendy’, their focus is on shape and structure. Ann designs with her feelings and uses lots of black in her clothes.

Type of clothes: outspoken, original, comfortable.

Signature: black designs in outstanding shapes

Collaborations: with Rodney Graham (1992), Patti Smith (1999), Steven Klein (2004)

Awards: Golden Spindle (1982), Culture Award (1996)


  • ‘The idea that garments are alive is a big inspiration. I want to fill them with soul.’
  • ‘I don’t travel’
  • ‘I never planned ahead. I just go from one season to the next. If I ever feel like I’ve told my story in this medium, it’ll be time to move on to another.’


  • Ann has been designing jewellery and furniture as well. She even won some prices with that.
  • In the beginning Mugler, Montana, and Versace were Ann’s inspiration
  • Since 1996 Ann also designs men’s clothes.
  • Ann and her husband Patrick have been together since Ann was seventeen.
  • Regardless of the financial crise Ann Demeulemeester has sold more than ever.
  • Especially Ann’s laced up boots were a bit hit.

Ann Demeulemeester Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2010

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Wauw, that was a beautiful and very feminine collection Ann Demeulemeester showed today. The Belgian designer – famous for her strong and tough ladies – brought out an almost sensual, ladylike collection with wide legged, supple trousers, short jackets with small belts tied around the waist for a tailored silhouette, classic capes and blood red accents.

Maybe it was in the contrasting colors and fabrics, the wufty feathers, the gloves,  the softer fabrics and focus at the waist – it all made the tough Demeulemeester woman look a bit more vulnerable, and that’s a compliment.

Of course there were her signature boots, leather jackets and harnesses of braided cords and dark sentiments, but the romantic mood dominated the collection.

Paris Catwalk Fashion Show fw2010: Ann Demeulemeester

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It was an almost poetic show at Ann Demeulemeester, also thanks to the building – the Couvent des Cordeliers. Is it a coincidence a lot of collections have that classic, mysterious Sherlock Holmes feeling, with all the capes, keys & chians ?

Black, white and beige were the main colors and Demeulemeester wrapped her men in belted (fur) coats, jackets and loose trousers. All mixed in that familiar nonchalant way we know from the designer. The chest and neckpieces of irridescent black feathers were stunning and added a special, dark but glamourous touch to the collection.

Ann Demeulemeester Catwalk Fashion Show ss2010

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No layers at the Ann Demeulemeester-show, no poetry, no mixing of proportions. Her ss2010-collection looked simple, sensual and masculine – but very clean and distant as well – with sparkly twinsets, long silken coats, kimono-like coats and simple suits in black and white.

Ann Demeulemeester Catwalk Fashion Show FW09

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Ann Demeulemeester Catwalk Fashion Show Menswear FW09

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Ann Demeulemeester Catwalk Fashion Show SS09

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Ann Demeulemeester Catwalk Fashion Show Menswear SS09

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