Summer Streetwear Trend 2017: On the Phone

Whether they’re sending import e-mails or just aimlessly scrolling through our Instagram feed; today’s streetstyle stars won’t go anywhere without their phones. And it so happens that looking busy (while just passing time waiting for the next show) makes for such a cool streetwear image. Being on the phone (a trend for sure) won’t go out of style any time soon.

These pictures were taken during last month’s menswear Paris Fashion Week.

Trend Report SS15: The iPhone generation

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Bags. Shoes. Glasses. Accessories. Cats. Men. Oh yes, we women have enough important accessories in our lives. But there’s one more appreciated, overly used and crucial accessory that secretly made it’s way to our top priorities and it sometimes even wins over having a lovely (offline!)dinner with your date: our phone. Yes ladies and gents, it seems to be one of the most persistent and denied addictions these days.

When we go on the hunt for our favourite street style icons, crawling down the streets of the fashion capitals, our eyes come across hundreds of models, fashion editors and style influencers holding their phones like it’s their new it-bag they’ve just picked up from the store. Keeping it close to them like it’s matter of life and death, which is true (crossing the street while texting or calling on your bicycle) when it comes to the rapid world of fashion. That small boxy thing that we call our phones, nowadays stores our complete lives in it: phone numbers, pictures, videos, agendas, music, secret messages, important notes, creative ideas, not to mention the incredible amount of time we spent on posting every single bit of our utterly interesting experiences, foods and OOTD’s on social media. And we spent even more time on following our favourite fashion icons and editors.  Sometimes that often, that we seem to forget we actually also have a online life to live ourselves. So what about you? Are you still able to spend a day without your phone?

Marloes Blaas Preview Amsterdam Fashion Week

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Marloes Blaas will show her fall/winter 2012/2013 collection on Friday 27 January at 04.00 PM. She spoke with us about her brand new collection and how she came up with her source of inspiration.

“I have showed my work during Amsterdam Fashion Week before, but it was always pretty tough to come up with the large amount of money they charge designers. This year I have the help of sponsor shoelabel Clarks, which I am very grateful for. They even provided me with shoes from their f/w2012/2013 collection, which are now produced earlier especially for my show.”

“My collection is called ‘A common silver spoon’ and is based on a Dutch saying (Geboren met een zilveren lepel in de mond). I came up with this when I was on the phone with my mum. She told me she had some old silver for me, which I maybe could use in my work. Right then the inspiration for my collection was born.”

“The collection is built around the after war period. In other collections I used to look at the forties; this time I focused more on the fifties, a prosperous period in which everyone seemed to be doing well. It was a time of solidarity, working together and large families. Especially those family portraits intrigued me. I started looking and old photo-albums from my mother’s family (she grew up in a family of 12 children). People used to really dress up in their best clothes. They didn’t look at all like themselves, but they did put a lot of effort into those pictures. I used bits and pieces of looks from that time and translated them into something modern.”

“My collection of 20 looks is divided into 3 parts. 1. In the first part jewelry plays a big role. I used real silver spoons and made necklaces out of them. The clothes in this first part are heavy, dark and are made in shades of grey and black. 2. The second part of the collection is more tough. For this part I studied old school pictures. They inspired me to come up with several school uniforms and school bags. 3. For the third part, which is more about the reconstruction after the war,  I used my own print with rocks. It has shades of burgundy and sand in it.”

Menswear Streetwear Trend FW2018: Crossbody Bag

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If there’s one way for guys to wear their bag this season it’s cross body. Whether it’s a fanny pack or another type of compact statement bag wearing it close to your chest is the way to go. With Gucci checks, the Supreme logo, the LV monogram print or just a vibrant orange colored one. Wear it over or under your coat (and then leave the zipper or buttons open). Or your essentials in one place and you’ve still got your hands free for your phone calls, cigarette break or just to put in your pockets. Convenient, cool, cross body.

Saint Laurent Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear SS2018 Paris

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The set-up of Saint Laurent’s fashion show was so enchanting even the ones missing out on a ticket to this master spectacle (and watching from home on their phones) must have gotten chills just from looking at it. A runway built just below place de Trocadéro with the absolute best view on a sparkling Eiffel tower formed the backdrop of backdrops for the Paris born brand.

And as mesmerizing as that backdrop was as vibrant and glorious was Anthony Vaccarello’s collection. It included influences of the work of the young Yves Saint Laurent as well as the sexiness and boldness of what Saint Laurent stood for the last couple of years. Leather shorts and low cut, embroidered statement making blouses paired with boots and chunky earrings had written the words it-girl uniform all over them. Beautifully crafted white lace tops and blouses put everything on display yet still managed to look sophisticated and highly desirable paired with black leather shorts. A series of architectonic ballerina inspired party numbers formed the ultimate finale of a sexy, strong, sophisticated SS2018 collection.

A collection filled with extremely powerful looks that didn’t let the Eiffel tower steel their shine. An enchanting spectacle, an absolute impressive collection, an homage to the YSL history but more so a glorious tribute Yves life partner Pierre Bergé, who passed away earlier this month at 86.

Summer Catwalk Trend 2017: Tiny Bags

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Apart from Balenciaga’s big, bigger, biggest bags tiny bags are always a theme during summertime. Ss2017 was no exception. Yet as tiny as they come, those mini bags in the brightest colors, hanging from chunky chains decorated by fur (furry friends as seen at Fendi), pins, studs and shiny hardware, are absolute jaw droppers. The type of bags that can make a plain black look turn into an on trend statement maker. Highly photogenic, extra Instagram reach guaranteed. Plus, you can pair them with other tiny bags (so you can still carry around the shitload on make-up you think you’re gonna be needing for the day) as seen at Dolce & Gabbana. At Louis Vuitton large phone covers had the looks of small bags. And of course there this season’s hip bag/belt bag trend (spotted at Jil Sander and a little more exaggerated at Marni). The award for the tiniest bags out there goes to Valentino’s bags, which don’t even fit a credit card. But hey, they sure look sophisticated and might be the ultimate necklaces to hold some cash money on your summer night out.

SS2017 Trend: Teeny Tiny Bags

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A key, a coin, or perhaps a credit card? Those are the items you’re going to be able to fit in your handbag this summer. Slightly unpractical in a season that seems to be all about functionality and wearibility. Still, if you want your bag to be on trend, it should be tiny. Teeny tiny that is. Just click through our gallery of Chloé, Céline, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Valentino catwalk images and you might even have a hard time to spot the latest it bags. Yet, they might be small and you’ll for sure have some struggle picking the items you’ll bring with you on date night, that doesn’t make these babies any less popular. The Chloé Nile bag has been sold out on the brands website for weeks now. That croc bag around your neck Hermes created is the ultimate mix between a piece of jewelry and a handbag. Same goes for the metallic Valentino bags on a chain. Slightly useless, but extra cute! Louis Vuitton’s phone cases appear to be the coolest statement accessories. Oh and a small bag attached to your bigger handbag (like Prada introduced a few seasons ago) is still very fashion forward-y too. So you’ll at least be able to bring your phone, your keys ánd some money next time you’re going out for a drink.

Dolce & Gabbana Catwalk Fashion Show Menswear Milan FW2017

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For Fall ’17, Dolce & Gabbana took the idea of inviting YouTube and Instagram influencers from the millennial generation to their show, started by them last season, by inviting them to be the show. But they weren’t only chasing models with fat follower portfolios; there were children of clients at the Alta Moda couture line in the mix, too.
Cameron Dallas, who, as usual, brought several hundred hopelessly devoted young female fans in his wake, opened the show in a black and burgundy suit as Austin Mahone, also suited, wielded a golden microphone on the runway.
Regal canines—including a great snob fox in a smoking jacket shown on one velvet sweatshirt worn over brocade patch jeans—were a theme. Sneakers were dipped in resin, given elegant brand signature, or scribbled and sketched on in a teen-dream mosaic like those covering the backpacks of the Cameron Dallas fans screaming in the freezing cold outside.


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Sure we love the fact that we’re finally able to rock our faux furs, teddies and lammies. But try cycling the city for a bit in this bloody winter cold! A ride that asks for multiple layers, a scarf, a beanie and a pair of good old gloves. Let’s cover up! A pair of black leather gloves comes in handy and will surely help you through the winter. And why not try a pair of (knitted or faux fur) mittens for a change? Burgundy gloves seem to be a good match with just about any f/w outfit. A pair of fingerless gloves will make sure you’re still able to operate your smartphone. And if these options don’t suit your taste (or you’ve lost one of your gloves like we do all the time) just opt for some ultra long sleeves (another big trend this season) like Linda Tol in our gallery above and you’re good to go.

Louis Vuitton Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear Paris SS2017

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Our final day of Paris fashion week started at the second floor of a Place Vendôme venue that is soon to be a Louis Vuitton flagship store. Light and spacious. A fine fit with Nicolas Ghesquière fresh and upbeat collection. A dressed up collection with a twist. After the deconstructed white shirt (that is now everywhere) Ghesquière introduced the deconstructed suit with cut outs and removed slices. Highly unpractical yet just as admirable. Plus the suits worked perfectly with the rest of the rather revealing looks. Like a number of sheer floor sweeping dresses through which both the models lingerie and shoulder pads were visible. As in many of the previous shows shoulders were a big focus point at Louis Vuitton. As were the skinny pants And those ankle booties really worked with every single look. Together with LV’s luxury phone case they might be LV’s little money makers for next season. And there might already be some eager DIY-ers cutting up their grey suit jackets as we speak.

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