Marc Jacobs Catwalk Fashion Show NYC Womenswear FW2017

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The models at the Marc Jacobs show wore real clothes of the casual sort — early hip-hop with a soupçon of Seventies sportif in a palette of warm neutrals shot with red, wine and maroon. It was not at all tricked-out or exaggerated like last season. The anchor look was a short coat over a little dress, often in Twenties-inspired laces, or wide, extralong pants that puddled over boots. There was fur, both real and faux, and thick, patterned knits.


Marc Jacobs Catwalk Fashion Show NYC Womenswear FW2016

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Marc Jacobs showed his extravaganza of fashion-noir on a stark white set to the sound of single chimed notes by Japanese musician Keiji Haino. Darkness ruled, but with an underlying sweetness. The models’ eyes and lips were black. The clothes were dark, wondrous, inventive, eccentric pilings of tweeds, furs, silks, and endless decoration, Victoriana meets Goth meets Biker Chic meets Varsity Chic meets Red Carpet meets Violet Incredible and countless other girls of Jacobs’ runways past. Cats, rats, cherubs and ballerinas got acquainted on prints, a giant raven took up residence on the back of a jacket and a lady named Gaga walked the show.

Marc Jacobs Fashion Show New York Womenswear SS2016

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“Marc Jacobs: One Night Only!” read the light box above the Ziegfeld theatre, the location of Marc Jacobs fashion show and the cinema where he, growing up in New York, saw so many movies. And oh boy, did Marc treat us to a special night out. As the stars of the evening, models acting as celebrities (even though they sometimes actually are in real life, hello Kendall Jenner) strutted the red carpet and posed in front of the Marc Jacobs photo wall we were escorted to our seats where we could watch them make their entrance. A live band played the New York Dolls’s 1973 song “Trash.” as Natalie Westling, dressed in an asymmetric raffia skirt and blue sweater, kicked off the fashion show. Clothes ranged from full on sequined and sheer party wear to sportive baseball jackets and striped sweaters. From denim on denim (as seen on Saskia de Brauw) to rock chick gone bridal (the final look). Stripes, stars, checks and prints of painted faces emphasized the theatre theme. Yet it was a bit back and forth with style, silhouette and color palette. Not to mention Marc’s selection of models was a bit out of the ordinary (hello Beth Ditto). Marcs SS2016 vision was hard to grasp in the short time frame of the show. The elegance and refinement of Marc Jacobs were still there. Yet looks were given a more playful Marc by Marc Jacobs touch. As if the designers discontinued fashion line and it’s bigger sister had merged. Presenting us with the best of both MJ worlds.

Marc Jacobs Catwalk, Fashion Show New York FW2015

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Last season Marc Jacobs’ collection was all about military as an influence, his fall 2015 collection is military precision with no military reference. Everything was planned, crafted and polished to arch perfection, starting with the beauty — severe top knots and makeup; pristine manicures and pedicures despite gloves and covered shoes.

Within this exacting platform, Jacobs determined to parade the essence of the Marc Jacobs brand. To that end, he reviewed his past collections, selecting favorite recurring themes or specific elements to rework here: trompe l’oeil, dots, feminine looks in masculine fabrics, masculine looks in feminine fabrics, embellished coats, decorative sweats, patchwork furs, sweaters with argyle and heathers created with dazzling embroideries, references to art (Paul McCarthy; Space Invader), Saint Laurent, cartoon characters.

When many of these motifs first appeared in the Jacobs lexicon they were simpler: a dress with faux-pleats made of fabrics was just that. Here, everything was jeweled, embroidered, grommeted, sequined. Brocades topped crinolines and lined furs. A tweedy twinset was in fact sequins; an argyle, faux-python embroidery. Shearling was shorn into checks, mink sewn into chevron stripes and worn on the reverse side. Mannish coats flaunted sparkling jet cascades.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Catwalk Fashion Show New York FW2015

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Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier’s are now designing the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection for one year, and their message of youth, energy and grit remained strong and unwavering in attitude and aesthetic.

Bartley and Hillier have already secured their girl’s identity through a commendable consistency in the collections — the military references, graphic art, motor jackets and tailored skirts with tulle. For fall they steered in a defiant but positive direction, drawing on references including the work of artist William Morris, the Guardian Angels, the 1979 film “The Warriors” and Jeremy Deller’s political posters, which were channeled into graphic decorative statements.

The most notable progression were the long, lean silhouettes of structured maxi skirts and dresses, some with utility pockets, some bearing Morris’ pretty Arts and Crafts prints in shades of bright blue and muted green. The length gave the look a cool maturity that resonated in the refined cuts of neat, tailored fencing jackets, skinny cropped trousers and short dresses with molded bell-shaped skirts that had a smooth buoyancy.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Catwalk Fashion Show New York Womenswear SS2015

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Energy — the driving force of the planet, whether it unites, divides, uplifts or negates. In a matter of three seasons, Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley have infused Marc by Marc Jacobs with the kind of charge that people seek out. Young, fierce and intense, the powerful attitude established for fall gained momentum for spring.

‘Be who you are’ would be the mantra of the spring Marc by Marc girl. Wearing a cropped T-shirt layered under a plastic, pastel-blue polka-dot bandeau and matching skirt, herhair twisted into a mohawk of mini-buns, she would be the confident nonconformist at the party — intimidating but probably a lot of fun.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Catwalk Fashion Show New York Womenswear FW2014

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Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley are the new designers of the Marc by Marc Jacobs-collection from now on. They presented their first collection yesterday. The designers wasted no time establishing a strong point of view: The new Marc by Marc girl is badass, if charmingly so. A culmination of street culture, grunge and sporty irreverence — the elements Marc Jacobs used to define the label in its infancy — the new look was filed under BMX ninjas. Bartley and Hillier had in mind an active person with energy, a bit feisty and sulky.
Spare tailoring was established first with a plain black shirt over a white turtleneck bodysuit and navy trousers, amped up with extreme accessories: a shiny black obi and giant high-tops. There were sharp blazers, long wrap skirts and neat coats, one with oversize fit, all of it cut with an edge. From there, Hillier and Bartley unleashed a surge of fearless, subversive spirit that mixed BMX style with Japanese manga and warrior motifs.

16 Years Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton: an overview

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Louis Vuitton 2

After sixteen years Marc Jacobs (50) is leaving Louis Vuitton. To conclude his career the designer presented a greatest hits collection, created entirely in black, which he presented last week in Paris. To look back on his most outstanding work for Louis Vuitton we’ve selected some of his fashion highlights from our TPS-archives (see gallery below).
From his playful to his serious collections, from bright & colorful to monochrome looks, from sexy & seductive models to girls all wrapped up, from long and lean silhouettes to full figure ones, from extravagant designs to minimalistic creations, from large afros to gigantic statement hats and from old school mirrored runways to decors like an enormous carousel, elevators and not to mention the Louis Vuitton express train. Oh boy, did this man take Louis Vuitton for a ride!
And it’s not just the shows that became more impressive every season; as you can see Jacobs himself underwent quite a transformation over the years as well.
In sixteen year the company mostly known for it’s luxury goods and luggage line has become an international powerhouse thanks to Marc Jacobs’ introduction of the brand’s ready to wear line and art collaborations. Nicolas Ghesquière, or whoever is to follow Jacobs up at Louis Vuitton will have a hard time filling his designer shoes.
So like the mood of his last collection we say goodbye to Jacobs for Louis Vuitton with a little grief, but with excitement for the future. The designer genius, or fashion God as some might call him, is to focus more on his eponymous label and we can’t wait to see what he has in viagra canadian pharmacy stores for us next.

Marc Jacobs Catwalk Fashion Show Womenswear New York SS2014

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After all that minimalism during New York Fashion Week came Marc Jacobs with a collection that threw the audience back to 1890s. Marc Jacobs explained his collection as being in a sort of nightmare. buy cheapest viagra No beautiful light whispering summerclothes, but a mix of Victorian influences, menswear and Birkenstock: dark, dangerous and compelling. Jacobs’ clothes were printed, appliquéd, embroidered, and tasseled. And dark. There were large hibiscus prints in red and white on a coat and maroon and white on a shirt and shorts set, but black, navy, bottle green, and brown were the dominant colors here.
The overall look was opulent, the day clothes either riffs on old, elegant officers’ jackets worn over re-fabricated surf shorts or loose-cut dresses and sweatshirts in thick velours. Evening presented a mesmerizing parade of slightly deranged-looking Victorian heroines in mourning — their darkness highlighted by intricate embroideries.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Catwalk Fashion Show New York Womenswear SS2014

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At the Marc by Marc Jacobs show boys and girls dressed alike in a variation of suits took us back to the eighties. Almost everything got a shiny touch, varying from metallic pieces (like a silver coat and a blue sequined jumpsuit) to shimmering silk designs (like a high waisted graphical red and white ensemble or a light blue silky suit) and sportive satin shorts and jackets. Flamelike figures and studded stars buy cheap viagra now even had a bit of a circus feeling to them, yet overall the vibe was sporty and relaxed. We’re curious to see just how flattering some of the fabrics will look on “real women”, but Marc will surely have some less extreme, afforable pieces ready for his large fanbase.

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