The Very Best Of 2011 – Part 5

December 29, 2011 by  
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21. Voguepedia
Designers, models, editors and even bloggers; as of now they are all listed in Vogue’s online encyclopedia Voguepedia. Websites can stop making their own database and we can start looking everyone up over here. Vogue is actually doing some more database-work; every single issue since the beginning of Vogue has been put online and will soon be available (for those who pay for it). Imagine looking through all these classic pages, wow!

22. Kanye West failure
Well, it wasn’t necessarily a highlight of 2011, but it truly was something we won’t soon forget. Kanye’s first fashion show! We bet he still has nightmare about it. We’re curious if Kanye’s going to give it another try next season, but the fact remains that his designer debut failed to impress.

23. Versace for H&M
The Versace for H&M collection was, like other designer for H&M collections, a big hit. We fell in love with the black leather with gold details and are planning to wear those palmtree prints during the whole summer. The collection might not have sold out as soon as the other designercollections, but it definitely was one of the most remarkable ones.

24. Graphic Prints
A simple floral doesn’t do it anymore these days. If you want to score as a designer you come up with your very own digital prints. Like the gorgeous creations of Proenza Schouler or the vivid designs of Mary Katrantzou. The latest prints are so very alive, it’s like watching a 3D fashion show.

25. Team Vogue NL
After months of rumours it was finallyconfirmed; in 2012 a Dutch version of Vogue will be launched. With those three ladies of the Dutch Glamour on board we believe it is going to be a huge success. So that’s something great to look forward to for the next year. Now let’s go & celebrate!

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