Trend Report SS2018: High Waisted (men)

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It’s not just the feminine silhouette that focuses on waists this summer. High waisted pants (and belts) are a thing for guys too. Black trousers and tucked in white tees or tanks paired with some old school white sneakers make up for the coolest fits. While a party unbuttoned (Hawaiian) shirts makes for a good match as well. Legs for days and a careless attitude, not everyone can pull this look off. But once you’ve figured it out; make the most of it before the trend passes (and it’s everyone is showing off their boxer shorts again).

Trend Report SS2018: White Suit

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If last season was all about grey colored tweed suits, for summer keep it crispy in an all white suit. Fully buttoned with a shirt underneath (as seen at Jil Sander and Acne) or a little (a lott) more seductive like the way Tom Ford pictured it. Either way a full on white suit can make you look sharp and summer proof at the same time. Shoes and bags can be the touches of color. You just make sure you don’t spill any coffee in that business meeting you’re gonna kill wearing that suit.

Trend Report SS2018: Rainbow Rumble

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No need to look for a summer 2018 color that suits you best. Just wear them all at once! A rainbow fit is all the rage according to design labels like Dolce & Gabbana, Peter Pilotto and (a must in this category) Missoni. Busy patterns (House of Holland) or color block ensembles (MSGM); nothing says summer like a bright colored outfit and you’re sure to be one to watch and remember at a party. Downside to this rainbow rumble is you’re probably not going to wear the same piece a lot. But best keep it in your closet ’cause you never know when the rainbow trend pops up again. And that might be sooner than later. Have a colorful summer!

Trend Report SS2018: Pink + Red

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Who ever still holds on to the thought red and pink make for a bad color combination should think again. After a few seasons of absence it’s a thing again this season. Oscar de la Renta, Coach and Isabel Marant it can look both tough and girly. No powder colors or faded shades; opt for bright and keep it vivid. Go all out with shoes, bags and accessories like Isabel Marant or keep it clean and focus on the clothes as seen at Oscar de la Renta. Think pink and look red hot!

Trend Report FW2018: Parka Perfection

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Performance wear has been a major trend for seasons in a row now. And after a focus on hoodies, joggers and chunky sneakers now is the time for parkas to shine. When Valentino sends out the most elegant yet practical look you know you can look both sporty and chic. Both Marc Jacobs and Isabel Marant are joining in on the fun as well. Showing you can never have enough pockets or zippers and showing off a little leg makes for a flirty and feminine twist. This trend embodies performance wear meets fashion at it’s best. Parka perfect.

Trend Report FW2018: You can leave your (straw) hat on

May 17, 2018 by  
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The bigger, the better; XL summer hats are officially a thing. Hide out from the sun in a large Armani straw hat or live it up like the girls at Missoni. A straw summer hat is your ultimate SS2018 accessory. Even when strangely shaped or bright colored as seen at Gucci. Yes, even when you’re hat says ‘safari’ while your outfit doesn’t. Make sure to add statement extra’s like chunky necklaces and oversized sunnies. Oh and might you find a matching straw bag, hold onto it. Entering a summer party? You can leave your straw hat on.

Trend Report SS2018: The hots for polka dots

May 15, 2018 by  
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We could see Megan Markle or Kate Middleton rock any of these designs in the near future. Given that these summer dresses are a great fit for a summer tea party with the (royal) family. Knee length and chest covered, black and white; very British, very modest. Quite the classic tea dress attire, but as for SS2018 very on trend as well. Marc Jacobs crazy spike hairdo aside this trend translates perfectly into any modern day woman’s wardrobe. A colored pump to match and it’s tea time (to party)!

Trend Report SS2018: Dark Denim

May 13, 2018 by  
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So you’re over the shock that denim on denim is completely acceptable again? Then let’s take it just a little bit further. Dark denim suits are a thing guys. Love it or hate it, but when designers like Tom Ford, Max Mara and Calvin Klein all have the same idea for the exact same season it sure is a trend. Now you just need to decide whether you wanna go sexy (like Tom Ford), tough combined with red leather (like Calvin Klein and Max Mara) or add just the right amount of romance in the shape of white linings and elbow cut outs (as seen at McQueen). Four runway creations that make a denim jacket on a pair of denim jeans seem like such a basic look. Are you ready?!

Trend Report SS2018: Asymmetrical Necklines

May 11, 2018 by  
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Want to add a little of drama to your outfit? Opt for some asymetrical necklines. It just breathes sexiness and seductiveness and can stress just the right parts of your upper body. Haider Ackermann and Prabal Gurung showed how light shades like white and yellow can create the ultimate asymmetry on a female body. While Calvin Klein and Isabel Marant proved those lines work well in black and at nighttime too. A trend that says summertime as well as partytime. Now let’s get ready to create some asymmetrical tanlines to match!

Trend Report SS2018: Ravishing & Ruching

May 9, 2018 by  
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If a dress should be anything this summer it would be ruching. Tight, body hugging and ruching that is. Making both the silhouette and fabric look even more interesting. Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford and Peter Pilotto showed their ruching designs in the prettiest pastel shades. Sorbet sweet and extremely feminine. Nice little side note: you can eat that extra plate that might make your dress wrinkle even more and no one will notice. No need to iron and not (even) suitable for ironing either. Just look ravishing while ruching along.

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