Trend Report FW2018: Seventies hues

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Autumn comes with a proper color palette. Seventies shades paint the fall picture, so that we can all blend in with nature when leaves start falling down. From ochre yellow to tangerine, burgundy red and caramel and cinnamon brown. The ultimate brands to go shopping for atumn colors? Chloé, like you’d expect. Etro, which used those fall hues in the most dazzling mix of prints. Coach, who seemly had it’s runway covered in leaves. Louis Vuitton, where Virgil Abloh managed to give each look a sporty touch as well. And then there were those delicate, ladylike designs at Rochas done in all the right fall shades. Such an easy trend when you think about it. Cause once you’re on the right color path every piece of your wardrobe seems to match. Are you ready to fall in love with seventies shades all over again?

Trend Report FW2018: Logo a go go

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This might be part 13 of the same trend report. But fact is the logomania trend is still undeniable represented. Showing off brands (and money) has been a hit for seasons now and designers are not planning on putting a hold to it any time soon. From quite subtle references at Prada to Fendi’s logo statement. And just ask Donatella how many times she can put her brands name in one outfit. Belts, scarfs, T-shirts, sweaters, cuffs and bags make for the best logo a go go items and are selling like hot cakes. And those belts might be the safest bet for all fashion lovers out there; in ten years from now they’ll still be worth just as much and look just as chic. The ultimate branded touch to a classic look (Emporio Armani) or the icing on the cake of a full on logo printed look (Versace). Lift off, takin’ my coat off. Showin’ my tattoos, I’m such a showoff.

Trend Report FW2018: Floral Variety

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Mostly shown on a black canvas designers have come up with the loveliest of fall proof floral prints. From delicate wallpaper roses (Dolce & Gabbana) to a wide range of wild flowers (Gucci) and from larger than life printed on silk (Valentino) to tiny flowers on a floor sweeping dress (Giambattista Valli). Real life romantic (Michael Kors) or abstract and fierce (Saint Laurent); floral prints make up for a classic, feminine and delicate autumn ensemble. Now how bold do you like your bouquet?


Trend Report FW2018: Nomad meets Folklore meets Eclectic

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This autumn prints, patchwork and eclectic colors make up for a folklore spirit. Who knew Chanel’s tweed look could get such a nomadic touch or Stella McCartney would ever get this countryside-ish? Vivid graphic prints at Dior and Calvin Klein (known for their cleaner looks) too. For other brands such a Etro and Missoni this trend comes more natural. Feeling the folklorist inside of you? Show it off in long and lean, cosy pieces. Don’t hold back when it comes to mixing prints (let Etro guide you) and opt for a vibrant yet seventies color palette to make it a fall proof ensemble.


Trend Report FW2018: Cape Town

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Nothing says chic like a good cape. It speaks of style, status and a kind of surprise effect to it. And you can skip the Harry Potter or Medieval references right away; cape are the coolest thing again. Just look at the list of brands that revived this fashion piece. Givenchy, Saint Laurent and Missoni al proved to be supporters of the look. Thinking of joining in on the fun? Know that two roads lead to Cape Town. Either go with stiff, classic and powerful (Christophe Lemaire, Givenchy, Loewe, Nina Ricci) or opt for cosy, comfy and soft (Missoni, Isabel Marant, Erdem). For a walk in the park on a perfect autumn day. Keep it cool. Cape it!

Trend Report FW2018: Layered up/Tucked In/Wrapped up

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More is more, the bigger the better, go big or go home; this trend is for everyone who either can’t decide what to wear or can’t stand the winter cold. It’s time to layer up, tuck in and wrap up. Just click through our gallery and see how the stylists backstage at Balenciage, Calvin Klein and Marni worked their layering magic. Remember the Joey from friend meme that was all over the internet right after the Balenciaga show? Well, he’s the ultimate hero for this trend. Sure you can wear a skirt with a shirt, a vest, a hoodie, a wind jacket and an oversized coat. The cold won’t get to you and if you spontaneously decide to go out you’ll at least have some clothing options. No need to show off your figure/silhouette, just let your sense of style breathe through the layers and the colors.

Trend Report FW2018: Long & Lean

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Brands like Jil Sander and Valentino have been preaching this look for seasons, yet now it’s the look for fall. Long and lean silhouettes are popping up everywhere. Midi dresses worn over flared pants (Valentino) or body tight maxi dresses (Victoria Beckham). A trick to make the whole look appear even longer and leaner? Add a skinny scarf, wear it around your neck and toss it over your shoulder. Instant coolness and extra (optical) inches. Another one: wear everything in one color (as seen at Valentino) for an extra chique, fresh and minimal appeal.

Trend Report SS2018: Denim Blue & Butter Yellow

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So remember we discussed color codes last week? We spoke of how orange and blue are popping up everywhere. And how orange and pink hues form the ultimate summer palette. Well, we’ve got another color combo for you. Denim blue and butter/corn yellow seem to work pretty amazing together as well. Just click through this streetswear gallery and you’ll see how good of a team they form. Think about it? An all denim look with just a hint of yellow (in the form of a hat, a canvas bag or some sneaker laces)? Not a bad idea right? Feeling blue? Add a splash of yellow and don’t let it get to you!

Trend Report SS2018: All Out

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What might be ‘all out’ for one person could be pretty basic to another. Fact is everyone is putting their best foot forward when in comes to streetstyle during the couture shows. And so we spotted countless mindblowing, jaw dropping outfits on the streets of Paris. Some perhaps a bit too glam, but all floor sweeping and head turning. All out in something completely crystal embroidered, fully sequined, decorated by ruffles and layers, off shoulder, with a high slit, in Valentino red or bright yellow. All eyes on you which ever room you step in.

Trend Report FW2018: Silver Light

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A bit of flash, a little feel of the future; some silver shine goes a long way this fall. Just ask the creative directors at Armani, Christopher Kane and Paco Rabanne. And it’s not just the sci-fi proof party dresses that form this metallic trend. A silver jacket (as seen at Balmain and Dior) will have you looking cool (and staying hot at the same time) as well. Ultimate color to style this trend is black. No doubt you’ll be staring at your reflection every chance you get. Mirror, mirror…

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