Summer Catwalk Trend 2017: Tiny Bags

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Apart from Balenciaga’s big, bigger, biggest bags tiny bags are always a theme during summertime. Ss2017 was no exception. Yet as tiny as they come, those mini bags in the brightest colors, hanging from chunky chains decorated by fur (furry friends as seen at Fendi), pins, studs and shiny hardware, are absolute jaw droppers. The type of bags that can make a plain black look turn into an on trend statement maker. Highly photogenic, extra Instagram reach guaranteed. Plus, you can pair them with other tiny bags (so you can still carry around the shitload on make-up you think you’re gonna be needing for the day) as seen at Dolce & Gabbana. At Louis Vuitton large phone covers had the looks of small bags. And of course there this season’s hip bag/belt bag trend (spotted at Jil Sander and a little more exaggerated at Marni). The award for the tiniest bags out there goes to Valentino’s bags, which don’t even fit a credit card. But hey, they sure look sophisticated and might be the ultimate necklaces to hold some cash money on your summer night out.

Summer Catwalk Trend 2017: Wild Thoughts

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Wi wi wild thoughts are running through our minds these days. All thanks to the likes of Cavalli, Dolce and Fendi, who revealed their wild side for summer 2017. Now of course Cavalli never skips a season with his leopard and giraf prints, but others worked their animalistic magic too. Dsquared (tiger print), Dalmation dots (Cavalli) and zebra stripes (Lanvin) give any summer night the right dose of wild glamour. ‘As far as I’m concerned leopard is a neutral’ Jenna Lyons once said. And this summer we all agree with her. High street stores are stacking up on anything leopard printed and no high summer look seems complete without just a tough of wild life. Now you decide which animal print suits you best and we’re gonna hear you roar!

Summer Catwalk Trend 2017: Summer Scarf (part 3)

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Every year we gather the best summer scarves and combine them in one high season inspiration gallery. This year’s no exception. From Cavalli’s seventies themed collection to Gucci’s dress up celebration, we’ve yet again found some interesting scarf styles. Long and skinny at Cavalli, retro styled at Gucci, classic and tight around the neck at Michael Kors, bright and colorful at Anna Sui. The summer scarf is an accessory for everybody. Tied around your neck, tied in a bow, tied as a headband, around the wrist, attached to your designer bag, tied around your waist; no piece of fabric as versatile as this one. We love wearing a beautifully colored and printed (leopard or floral prints) scarf as a headband. It has summer written all over and is – together with a good pair of sunnies and some statement earrings – part of the ultimate summer attire. What is your favorite type of scarf and how would you rock it this summer and into fall? Do click through our gallery for an update on the latest styles.

Summer Streetwear Trend 2017: Kimono influences

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Kimono influences have been around for a while now, but we just can’t seem to get enough. During Amsterdam Fashion Week as well as the Paris Menswear shows in June we spotted some best dressed kimono influences out on the streets. With streetstyle stars each styling the fashion piece in their very own unique way. Have you incorporated the kimono into your summer wardrobe yet? It’s the ultimate versatile in between dress and jacket piece that goes a long way in any kind of summer weather. Plus, you can wear it into fall as well. At the moment we love a beautiful printed kimono with a good pair of mom jeans and a open loafer. It just breathes elegance, style and a touch of street. What are your thoughts on this asian inspired wardrobe essential?

18 Wedding Proof Dresses

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Summer summer summer time! Everyone on our Instagram feed is either on holiday somewhere far away or attending a summer wedding abroad. And while we’re pretending not to be just a tiny bit of envious we spent our hours back at the office selecting the very best of summer wedding proof dresses. For every lady with a summer wedding (and the dresscode stress that comes with it) coming up. To use as inspiration or daydream about (like we’re doing right now).

When it comes to designer dresses that are worth attending summer weddings in, Chloé is your go to brand. It was hard to pick our favorite of all those powdery pink creations. Other brands included Dolce & Gabbana, Carolina Herrera, Lanvin and Jason Wu. You might think there are tons of options out there. But picking the right wedding proof dress isn’t all that easy. At all. White dresses are, of course, excluded. And then there are the unwritten rules of not choosing anything too daring or sexy. You don’t want to upstage the bride (DelPozo), show too much skin (Versace) or steal the brides thunder by opting for anything too bright/crazy (Moschino).

So keep it classy. Like Marni (minus the hipbags), like those embellished nude numbers at Prada, like those colourful sheer dresses at Rochas or those long and lean gowns at Valentino, the most modest of them all.

Have a great summer, a great wedding. And do catch the bouquet!


Trend 2017: Gender Blending

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Gender blending is a big theme this year. In fashion, but also in life in general. Boundaries are fading, lines are becoming blurred. The concept of his and her is starting to become more vague. We´re all humans and we should all be able to express ourselves the way we want to and just enjoy life. A motto that works particularly well in fashion, where male and female wardrobes are being mixed up for seasons now and the unisex concept has been around for ages. At the menswear collection presentations this June it became clear that guys and girls can perfectly dress alike. A couples closet with items for both of the lovers. The catwalk images from the likes of Balmain, Dsquared, Raeburn and Paul Smith say it all: twinning is winning!

Summer Catwalk Trend 2017: Sucker for Sock-Boots

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If there’s one boot on every fashion lovers mind ever since the ready to wear collection presentations it’s that monocolor Balenciaga sock-boot. It might look like a joke to those who don’t work in fashion. It might be hard to work into your everyday looks. And it might be pricey ($995). It still is without a doubt the boot of the moment (no wonder every fast fashion retailer is coming up with it’s own lookalike). Very Instagrammable and picture perfect guaranteed for any fashion magazine. Plus you’ll be rocking them into the fall season as well. Yet we’ve collected some extra summer boots from the likes of Victoria Beckham (statement making), Fendi (delicate) and Rodarte (though). Not your typical festival booties, but absolute statement makers. Boots to strut around on or dance the night away. Boots to make you feel extra special and boots made for walking. For those colder summer days when sandals just don’t work. It’s a booty call!

Summer Streetwear Trend 2017: Pink Life

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Pink walls, pink plates, pink velvet couches, pink cars, pink skies, pink hair, pink outfits. Slowly but surely we’re turning everything around us in one giant pink bubble. And really, who wouldn’t love a daily dose of pink? The guys and girls we spotted this summer, during Amsterdam Fashion Week and the menswear shows in Paris sure knew how to pull off the color du moment. Some wore just a touch of faded pink, others went all out with vibrant magenta hues from head to toe. And that girl with the leopard printed pink hair was just everything and perfectly symbolizes what this summer trend stands for. Pink for president. #pinklife

Frontrow MBFWA SS018, Day 04

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Who were there at MBFWA day 4, the final day of this 27th edition of the Mercedes-Benz Amsterdam fashion week? Here’s a selection of our front row images.

Maison the Faux Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS2018

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Before we begin, can we please take your name?
No, not your given name; the name you wish to use post-reincarnation.

Maison the Faux once again welcomed us in a spectacular show environment. This time around they were ready to take us to another level, another life even. This was not a spa (although the futuristic tanning systems might give that idea) and it was definitely not an office. This was FAUXmosapien, an odyssey, a journey of reinvention that begins with incubation. This was an opportunity to engineer a new tomorrow. Radiation that gives you more than a glow.

What a way to end this edition of the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. With the bright color changing backdrop and the runway filled with tanning systems it really felt as if we’d stepped on board of a space ship, ready to start a new chapter at whatever planet was waiting for us when we’d come out.

Our wardrobe for the life that was waiting for us was pastel shaded, a nice contrast with the neon lights of the decor. Stripes, metallics and tweed fabrics with frayed ends were the main themes. And as guys and girls sporting skirts, dresses, coats and skimpy bikini’s with extraordinary headpieces had followed up on each other the finale piece was, yep, you guessed it, a shiny bridal gown, worn by a guy in fluffy slippers. Cause even in another life you’d still want to tie the knot in style, right?

In September the Arnhem based fashion house (by Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer) will present this collection at New York Fashion Week. We’re glad we got the ultimate preview. The perfect way to end this edition of MBFWA.

Out with a bang!

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