Streetstyle Trend 2011: Maxi Skirts (to die for)

They’re a nightmare if you wear them while riding a bike, but other than that the maxi skirt is one of the greatest fashion pieces we’ve seen in years. It has been around for two or three seasons now and it seems like we still haven’t had enough of it. More and more colors and styles are popping up. So besides black we now have bold colors and prints too. And instead of sheer skirts girls are wearing denim and velour versions. We expect the maxi skirt to stay at least throughout this winter, ’cause it can easily be worn with thick tights to keep you warm.

Here you can find our top 5 of maxi skirts we photographed during fashion week.

If you’re still figuring out what kind maxi skirt would be nice, take a look at the gallery below.