21 (street)style essentials every man should have in his wardrobe

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One of the most most sincere forms of flattering is imitation. So watching the stylish men in the streets do the trick is not only highly inspirational, but it also makes it easier for yourself to gather your own ultimate wardrobe essentials and easily combine them with your own flair and personal touch.

1. Pop in a pocket square

2. Never underestimate a good blazer (and good socks!)

3. Invest in good shoes

4. Show your individuality

5. Dare to be bold

6. A good pair of (sun)glasses never hurts

7. Watch the hems

8. Good jeans (what else)

9. Bomber jackets

10. The casual suit

11. The navy blue suit

12. The (white) sneaker

13. Play with colours

14. The jean jacket (and there you have the white sneaker again!)

15. Don’t be afraid to accessorize

16. The classic white shirt

17. The trench

18. The army green jacket

19. Backpacks

20. Don’t take fashion too serious (have fun and play with it!)

21. A killer smile (what else) is your best weapon

MENSWEAR TREND AW2016/17: Pink suave

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It’s 2016 and in that sense anything goes for our dear men. And in the category of gender-fluid trends, there’s one trend having a huge moment: pink! We’re talking any kind of hue: coral, salmon, rosé, fuchsia or pink panter-ish. Pink has a controversial background and history in menswear, and for long time it has been a huge sartorial no-no, considered a colour for only women, queers or Oxford men. But thanks to icons like Sonny Crockett (Miami Vice) and John Draper (Mad Men), pink is becoming more of a new neutral tone, like white. Even the manliest man figures on this planet can pull it off big time (looking at you Drizzy Drake and Cristiano Ronaldo) .

Perhaps it started with the Adidas Stan Smith collaboration in baby pink, and we noticed many pink pastel tones in previous catwalk seasons. And when colour authority Pantone named rose quartz as THE colour of the year, there’s no question about why you should be wearing pink this year. Only HOW you gonna wear it. Especially if you look at the many catwalk examples: Kenzo, Etro, Ferragamo, Westwood, Gucci, Versace and many more. They all have their own spin on this bright and cheerful colour. Even as a bomber jacket (check Givenchy) is pretty darn cool, don’t you think? And a trend rarely makes its way so quickly and directly to the high-street stores. Now there’s pink everywhere, cheering up the streets. Before you get to excited (and you have the right to be so) and jump on it, this is how to nail it without looking like you robbed your little sisters wardrobe: keep it simple and classy, team up with darker ‘masculine’ colours and avoid sparkly embroideries.

MENSWEAR TREND AW2016/17: The metallic dream

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We hate to say this but: the end of summer is not so far ahead anymore. And as much as we like to postpone the colder and darker days and lengthen those endless summer nights, there’s also much to look forward too: like a new winter wardrobe. So coming weeks it’s time to have look at the menswear agenda for the season to come. And you better be ready, because there’s lots of new and exciting things to come and to fill your wardrobe with. Just follow our lead…

The designers have a new trend on their creative hands: metallics. And with the Olympics in Rio it shouldn’t be too surprising that a group of designers is going for the gold. Metallics are making a comeback once again, and the results are nothing but f-f-flashy (for all our Dutchies: this song is your best compagnon). Not all men will feel excited when thinking of metallic coats, a pair of metallic trousers or shiny bomber jackets, but high fashion labels like Donatella Versace, Calvin Klein, and Emporio Armani showed that a bit of shine doesn’t mean lack of masculinity. At all. They featured a range of metallic tones such as silver, gold and even shiny blue in a very cool and manly way. The reflective materials add an fresh and futuristic touch to every day and night wardrobe.

This may not be the most easy trend for men (not even for women!) to adapt and it can quickly feel a little over the top, but you can definitely make it work. To make sure you won’t get the peacock effect (yep, there’s a high risk), balance is key to pulling off this look. Metallics do best when they complement your outfit and not being the main essential. So start of slowly, by wearing accessories or flashy shoes, and easily make your way up to the trousers or tops. And try to match the metallic tones to other colours in your outfit. Now, that’s what we call a winners look.

MENSWEAR TREND ss2016: Green with Style

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As fashion brands are becoming greener every year, so are there collections. Just take a glance at some of the hottest menswear collection for this season. Deep shades of green are trending at Emporio Armani, Gucci and Burberry. A green jacket at Van Beirendonck, green trousers at Hermes and complete suits at the likes of Dunhill and Antonio Marras. A statement color that will get you noticed (and will have everyone look green with envy). Especially worn with a ruffled shirt and a flower corsage (Gucci). But it works just as well with a crispy white tee. And with summer temperatures rising isn’t that all you want to wear these days? Head over to the park, go green and have the best summer!

MENSWEAR TREND SS2016: Slip on shoes (or sneakers)

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Sneakers are having a huuuuge moment right now. No doubt about that (looking down towards our own feet as well) And the trend is showing no signs of slowing down, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for other hot footgear. Actually, we see some interesting spin offs. If we take our eyes of the streets for a second and turn towards the catwalk trends, we see another big guy coming up: the slip on shoe, made from dense fabric or denim. It’s a slipper yet a shoe. Very casual and easy, yet put together. Perfect for summertime!

And in today’s world we’re not just talking leather loafers and moccasins, also slip-on sneakers got elevated big time for summer. If you rather punctuate your look with a slightly classic twist but still comfortable, this is your best fashion compagnon. And thanks to Burberry Prorsum, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino and Haider Ackermann we got tons of options in front of us on how to style them properly. Keep it classy by pairing slippers with traditional trenches (check Burberry Prorsum), jeans and a sweater, incorporate it in your effortless chic ‘PJ look’ (check D&G) or choose Salvatore Ferragamo’s woven-leather slip-on sneakers to keep it classy. We definitely feel this one, what about you fellas?

WOMENSWEAR TREND ss2016: Instant street cred

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Throw on a bomber jacket and you simply add instant street credibility to your look. Honestly, it’s the easiest way to rejuvenate your outfit and add some coolness to your outing. And the best part? The bomber works in so many ways. On a pencil skirt or on top of some destroyed denim; the bomber will always find it’s way. Whether you opt for shiny, silky, dragon embroidered or see through chic you’ll be fully on trend (inspired by the likes of Dries van Noten and Saint Laurent SS2016 and Louis Vuitton menswear SS2016) in this jacket.

And as you can see in our gallery the same goes for that good old college jacket (seen at Coach and Tommy Hilfiger FW2017). Whether color blocked or covered in patches; this iconic jacket will give your ensemble a welcome modern yet preppy touch. And with this collarless fashion number too the styling options are endless. Sporty or sassy; just have your pick! Just click through our street style selection to get inspirered and you’re bound to look da bomb this season.

Mickey Kümmer and Joyce Bergevoet winners Elite Model Look Nederland 2016

217201-Elite Model Look Nederland 2016 Winnaars (Credits M.E. Amrani)-b9dc16-original-1468183890

Mickey Kümmer and Joyce Bergevoet are the two winners of this year’s (the 33th) Elite Model Look Nederland. After a nerve wrecking finale in which all ten male models and all ten female models walked several rounds (sportswear, casual wear and cocktail styled by Danie Bles) host Lieke van Lexmond announced the two winners. Mickey and Joyce both receive a 3 year modelling contract with Elite Model Agency Worldwide and get to represent our country during the international finale. The next David Gandy or Lara Stone might just have been discovered.

Futura Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam SS2017

It’s the invitation that gives you the first clue of a show. Same goes for the venue. Especially the venue, as it is the white canvas for your work of art. In the case of Futura it was a little bit bigger than last time, cause for the first time designers Anne Bosman en Sanne Schepers got to show in the Gashouder (not Fashion Lab). And they did so in a pitch black and ominous environment. People standing in the twilight somewhere on the bleaches, holding enormous black flags, like a big (fashion)riot was about to start. Was it? The pumping music wasn’t any prove of the contrary. And when the lights dimmed, an army of men (and a few women) showed up in the dark. Only their silhouettes sparkling in the small string of light, but it was enough to tell they were ready to take on the catwalk. Which they did in their familiair workwear with a minimal look and slightly futuristic edge. Sartorial tradition meets a mix of contemporary details. Cropped hemlines, layering, boxy jackets on slightly baggy trousers and sturdy fabrics. The minimal suit was worked up in different shades of blue and greenish (which worked so well!) and a little bit of playful patchwork to keep their signature feeling. They also underlined the backpack revolution that has been happening for a while now, a good addition to the cool and urban feel of the collection. If this represents the modern day (wo)man, it looks pretty damn good.

Bound Amsterdam Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam SS2017

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Friday evening minmalistic premium fashion label Bound presented it’s first collection ‘Class of 2017’. A collection inspired by Japanese culture and the Japanese movie Kurôzu Zero, a dark movie leading to a quite somber palette of neutrals like navy, grey and white. The ultimate shades for a sportive, casual, Made in Italy menswear collection. With (on trend) boiler suits, shorts and matching sportwear jackets, chic jersey tracksuits, long unbutonned shirts, a striped sweater and slouchy jogging pants. Even a silver and gold skirt made it’s way onto the runway (surprise!). But that creation extravaganza aside Bound was mostly about solid, sportive key menswear items any man would love to own. Even the most basic beige and white Tees looked desirable and that says something about the designers’ skills. But guys, you gotta hurry, cause Bound will only release it’s designs in limited numbers.

Juliëtte Heijnen Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam SS2017

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Any customer of Julliëtte Heijnen can be rest assured he’ll be looking as original as can be. It’s hard to even give the collection a general description, since all twelve menswear looks were so diverse. With the search for new silhouettes and interdisciplinary presentations as a starting point Heijnen’s male models sported XL T-shirts and sweaters with black linings, holographic prints (in a lovely color palette), raincoats, mesh tops, 7/8 pants and macramé tops worn as dresses. Accessories in the form of pompoms, twisted scarfs, a fishnet mask, double buns and a knitted beanie topped it off. Outfits and styling exercises you can hardly describe in words, you just need to see.

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